What Does A SEO Consultant Do?

This is the job description of a SEO or search engine optimization expert.

The SEO experts analyze websites, review the web audit report and then implement all recommendations in the report accordingly. The consultants then give strategic advice on how the business owner should go forward to dominate their competition on the net and rank well in the SERPS with natural organic listings with higher ranking positions on Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Job Description For SEO Expert!

What we do at Cloud SEO Marketing includes strategic, analytical, integrative , tactical, and critical thinking skills to help your sites optimize between the social media presence with corner stone content you may create, help fight the extreme competition on the net, keeping in mind user behavior of visitors on the website (using Google Analytics), all the while paying close attention to the ever changing landscape of the search engine algorithm updates that we see each year by Google.

SEO Responsibilities!

Our SEO related Job responsibilities cover a large area of disciplines covering numerous internet channels. This is to achieve higher ranking in Google search engine rankings, get more of your web content discovered targeting more qualified leads for the business. We endeavor to create lasting results, improve the customer experience on your site as well as over all conversion rates all while we are fighting off the online competition present.

Summary Of Our SEO Expertise!

Understanding Clients Marketing Objectives
Web Page Optimization
Keyword research & Analysis
Keyword mapping
Attain higher Google rankings visibility
Focus on user experience for better conversions
Diagnose technical issues and resolve
Off-site SEO and link building development
Website structure functionality and completeness
Be an expert in problem solving
Look at KPIs or key performance indicators
Establish naming conventions
Create a URL Map
Local SEO and Schema Markup
Comprehensive Website Audit
Complete an online competitive Analysis
Focus on Mobile Search
Submit monthly reports
Optimize the social Media Tier 1 accounts
Create a social media strategy and content distribution
Branding strategies
Team quality assurance control
Website security
Web hosting & domain registration
PPC Advertising
Fix your old website
Keep your SEo up to date
SEO Guarantees – we do not make gurantees
Internal linking structure optimization
Know SEO Company trends
Ensure an SEO Friendly website
Copy writing skills
Generate new content ideas
Improving existing web content
Make SEO strategy recommendations
Continual process improvement
Apply Advanced SEO techniques
Use SEO tools and SEO software effectively