An SEO Service is work carried out on websites to help Google understand what your site is all about and to deliver the right answers to local queries done on Google in your neighborhood.

Let me tell you what SEO service isnt all about first.

  • Its not about making your wesite looking pretty.
  • Its not about the photos and videos you have on your blog
  • Its not about the colors you use or the logos.

These elements above are seen by the eye of the visitor.

What Is An SEO SERVICE Then?

These are some key points that a good SEO Service provider will do for your web pages.

  1. They will do a site audit first. Why? Because its important to know what is wrong with your webpages before search engine optimization work is carried out on them. It will give the Local SEO expert the details of the scope and depth of work to carry out so he can advice you of cost. Its similar to going to a doctor. The Doctor will first examine you before recommending you medication or surjury.
  2. The website free audit will give the SEO professional a list of task to do such as changing H, H2 and H3 tags. Images need to be looked at to be optmized and so on. These are all called on-page optimization. This would be the first area I generally do when I get started on a task. If you are looking for “SEO expert near me” do reach out as we can assist you.
  3. The last step is the off-line SEO tasks. This is citations and links from other well trusted websites on the net. I will cover what citations and backlinks are in a future post.

Look up the our archives on tips and SEO FAQs as we regularly post SEO ideas to help you with ranking in the SERPS. We also add our own case stuies to show you what we have done and what we can do to help you rank in local seo rankings in Brisbane.

Good luck


Claude Fullinfaw