What Is Schema Markup

Explain Schema MarkupSchema markup is a code language used to communicate a webpage’s content to search engines. It can include elements such as page titles, descriptions, author info, published dates and other types of data points that are not immediately visible on the surface. This way, search engines can use this data to better understand what the page is about and map it against relevant queries in SERPs.

In addition to optimizing pages for SEO, schema markup also provides webmasters with an opportunity to bring more visual elements into their results in the form of rich snippets – like reviews, images or contact information. In short, that means more clicks instantly generated since users gravitates towards optimized search results.

Therefore, it’s important to stay up-to-date with SEO best practices; introducing schema markup whenever applicable is one of those key objectives. Doing so will ensure that your website stands out with authoritative content and make it easier for search engines quickly articulate its purpose on SERPs.

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