We get data analysis for your site through advance Google Analysis.

What Is The Importance Of Data Analysis!

You can gain a huge amount of marketing and SEO insights from Google Analytics.

These insights can lead you to some valuable opportunities by watching how your site performs and what keywords are used to attract potential leads.

You can get insights from the conversion metrics to engagement metrics plus so much more.

What Can Data Analysis Be Used For?

Here are 5 ways you can use Google metrics like we use.

1. Customer Segments: Here you can create segments to see where your traffic is coming from. People who completed a goal, where they live, they age, their sex, etc.

You can also get the time and day of visit, what specific pages they visit, who completes goals and geographical areas they live in.

Pretty Powerful.

2. Monitor Mobile Traffic: here you can not only monitor traffic to a mobile site but engagement levels too. Monitor bounce levels. This can help you to pinpoint issues from pages.

3. Focus On Site Search! This helps users to search your website when they reach it for more information.

4. Find Solutions By Looking At Bounce Rates: With websites with high bounce rates we can see why users are leaving. Maybe the site has too many menus (navigation links) and the users cannot find what they looking for. This can help us to see how can we improve user experience on the site but placing relevant links in the right places and by simplifying them.

5. Locate Top performing Pages by Conversions: Understand how each page performs and see which ones gives the best results. Look for any declines and see how to fix them.

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