Generally more than you can conceive.

Here is an example on the conservative side of things.

12530 Total Keyword Traffic from Google for “Car Spare Parts”.

17542 Available Targeted Traffic
17% % Capture of above traffic resulting in
2982.14 Visitors per month

Now below we work off just 30% land on your website
30% % Visitors – > Leads
894 Leads Per Month

From these 30% we only get 15% converted into paying customers
15% % Leads – > Customers
134.2 New Customers / per month from SEO

Let work out that the average revenue from each customer is just
$100 Value of Single New Customer
$13,420 Revenue Increase per Month from SEO

Multiply this by 12 months
$161,036 Yearly revenue Increase from SEO

Imagine you paid $1500pm for a year (total of only $18,000 for one year) to your SEO Expert and you received over $160,000 yearly (based on the above estimates) as a return wouldn’t that be good. The best thing is you don’t need to pay this in the second year if you don’t want work done.

This is the ROI you can expect. What if this customer comes back over and over again. Or better still refers clients to you.True value in SEO is that the traffic and leads you acquire last for a long time.

The profit over the 12-months after their campaign is completed is huge. Yet in the following 12-months, when they aren’t spending on SEO, their ROI jumps!

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