Will SEO Work For Me?

Local SEO in Brisbane will work for any business. We are well aware that people today use the internet every single day to research services or items to buy before calling the business or buying on line. If you are not in the top of the SERPS (learn more about SERPS here) you stand no chance of grabing any of the organic traffic that lands on a Google search result page.

  • Do you know that the first 3 results get the most traffic of all that comes on page 1 of Google.
  • In fact 37% of the traffic will most likely click through the top listing.
  • 17% is estimated to click through the second listing and then
  • 10% clicks the 3rd listing.
  • The remaining percentage goes to all the remaining organic websites on page one. Listing number 10 gets only 1%.

This is bad news if you are the business trying to get attract visitors.

Forget getting any click on your website if its on page 2 or page 10. How often have you gone to a site listed on an inner page of Google. Rarely!

With this in mind let me share how you can improve your web pages’ performances in the near future.

Here is an example of how SEO can work for you. Just imagine this post was yours on Google. Click Here!

Is It Worth To Be Paying For SEO?

What do you want to achieve? Instaed of asking “how much will SEO work cost“? its best to ask this question instead -“What will SEO cost me in real profits if done well?” You will get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve if you look at the cost of the job well done. A job badly done will cost you dearly.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Do you need to grow your business right now?
  • How much growth can you handle?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to handle more traffic and trade?
  • Do you have trained manpower to help you?
  • Finally do you have a budget or cashflow for digital marketing and SEO?

Now go to the next tab to check out my advice.

  • The first step is get a website audit done on the full site that you own. It doesnt have to be expensive. Infact you will find a few site audit generating tool on this site. Click Free Audit above to get your webpages full report now.
  • The next step is to look at each point that is highlighted by the report and work on them. An example maybe is your site ‘https’ ready or an SSL certificate installed. I see many sites still have not done this since July 2018. Your site will not rank if this is not done immediately. Get your web designer to look at this. If you dont have one email me and I can help you fix this up immediately.
  • Then start to work on your H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Then look at images and fix them too. The audit analysis will cover what needs to be done here
  • Check to see if your site is reposnsive. Again the report shares what needs to be done.
  • Check if your site loads fast enough on mobile and desk top. Slow loading sites will not get high rankings.

Case Study 1

In the example above we focused on two things first:

  1. Getting our brand to rank high in the SERPS organic results for the brand name.
  2. Then focused on getting the brand name to rank in the 3 Pack listing

The next objective was to indentify a keyword that brings in a few thousand searches monthly. This being highly searched for attracts a lot of competition. And the possibility to rank for it is less likely. So instead of targeting this Main Keyword I decided to target secondary keywords. In the example above I went for 2 such phrases. Within a period of 8 weeks I got on to page 1 and in the top 3 of the searches. Google “Local Brisbane SEO” or “Brisbane Local SEO”. You will see our site cloudseomarketing.com/ranks high.


However on July 2nd morning the main Keyword was still on Page 11 of google. This was not good for me.

I was at Brisbane airport yesterday and made some small changes with my potential visitors in mind and a few hours later when I check the results I saw my site on Page 3 of the SERPS. Now though its not on page 1 yet I feel I can focus on getting it to Page 1 using what I learned.

So what did I learn?

As I am focusing on local traffic for SEO BRISBANE I am placing myself in the shoes of my potential clients and asking questions “what do these people want from me”. By using this simple strategy I feel I can give more people better answers. In helping more people I feel eventually the universe will help me too.

It will be interseting to see the results of my work over the next few weeks.

I feel this strategy will help local Brisbane based business immensely to attarct more clients. If you like what I shared here be free to LIKE this post and share it with your friends.

I will be back with a follow up post to share more results soon.


Claude Fullinfaw

Brisbane, Australia.