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Before we begin...

Why do marketing agencies always pitch Google or Facebook ADS rather than getting you into the Organic Listings?

The answer is "They don't know how to tell you its impossible to get Page 1 rankings for the keywords you want to rank for".

PS: its far easier for them to get you to pay for ADS to get more business. The sad reality is ... when you stop the ADS your traffic stops and you don't get any leads

Why is it impossible to rank on Page 1?

Because Page 1 -- it's full of high authority sites as as Amazon, Yelp, etc. And to beat these large businesses you need a million dollar AD budget.

So How Do You Rank Your Business?

The answer is going after long-tail keywords. The low hanging fruit. By targeting every query that your potential customer may have and writing quality articles around these keywords we can collectively attract 100's of searches a day over time.

Most search companies boost about getting ranked for keywords. Our approach is what are people talking about. Can we answer those inquiries on the net for them. And in return Google starts to deliver our clients' sites up each and every time a search query is make on the world wide web. At least most of the time.

This is how I help small to medium business get a share of the Google traffic for free (being listed in Organic searches).

If you are still reading ... There is a way but to know more you must read the next few lines....


How Did These Four Businesses Get to Page 1

Real Estate Company | Plumbing Business | Conveyancing Firm | E-COM site

Real Estate Niche

Beyond Property Management

Get seen in Google search results

PS: This client has since sold in Jan 2022 and the business has been rebranded and a name change has occurred. So you won't be able to find this company. If you search for Beyond Properties it will redirect to the new company.

Before The Client Came To Us...

The client has a thriving business in Aspley and Corinda and had a local Brisbane SEO agency take care of their marketing/Google ADS for the company.

However, the owners wanted more exposure and needed to increase their rental portfolio by 15 extra rentals each month. After 5 years with the Brisbane agency they had no organic listings ...

  • They were not seen in the Google 3 Pack for their local area
  • They were not seen in the Google Maps for their local area
  • They were not seen in the Organic Searches in the local area
  • Their videos were not showing in local searches

After We Took Over Their Business...

Within 30 days the client ranked in ...

  • Local 3 Pack in Google
  • Local Google Maps

Four months later working with client we are seeing a 10% minimum compounding growth in organic traffic coming to the site. The client started to get 28 new clients per month with over 1600 new visitors a month.

10 months after the client started with us we not only got the business in

  • Local searches for "Keyword' + "Suburb" (eg: property manager springfield lakes)

But more importantly for the Main Keyword as well ...

  • Main Keyword (property manager, property management)

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Seen Google 3 Pack


Do you need an SEO agency to rank your website?

Organic & 3 Pack Google My Business Listings


Best SEO company in Brisbane
Client Testimonial
Heather Jopson testimonial

Trade Niche

Plumbaround PTY LTD

Optimise Local Plumbing Listings in Google Search

Before The Client Came To Us...

The client has been in business for last 15 years (early 2000) and in last last 6 years being looked after by a local marketing firm in Brisbane.

This business had Google ADS + Facebook ADS running.

  • They had no local VISIBILITY in the local area
  • Not seen in the Google Maps in local area.
  • Not seen in the first page of Google organically, let alone in the first 10 pages. Even for long tail keywords (these are the phrases people type in Google when wanting a plumber

They were spending money on ADS, and YES it was bringing in clients but their ADS spend account was over $10,000 a month. If they stopped the ADS leads would stop.

Objective: The client wanted to reduce the AD spend and get a better organic local reach.

After We Took Over Their Business in Nov 2021...

Within 30 days:

  • Seen in Google Maps for local area
  • Seen in 3 Pack for their local area

Four months after working with client

  • Seeing a 10% minimum compounding growth in organic traffic coming to the site. When we started organic traffic was just under 100 searches a month. Its now over 324 searches a month.

* Currently we are working towards getting this client into the Organic Search on Page 1.

  • The business is right now on Page 3 for the "keyword + suburb". Previously it was not seen in the first 10 pages in Google.

Nov 2022 updates

The client has now secured numerous page one rankings for keyword + suburb. "commercial Plumber chermside west" or "plumbing services chermside west".

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Seen Google 3 Pack

for "KEYWORD"+ "SUBURB" (Multiple variations)

Get local rankings in the Google Mapsand 3 Pack

for "KEYWORD"+ "SUBURB" (Multiple variations)

Get seen for more than one keyword search in Google

for "Service"+ "SUBURB" (Multiple variations)

How to get Schema done properly for your websites

Legal Niche

By The Rules Conveyancing Noosa Heads

We help Local conveyancing company to rank in Google

Before The Client Came To Us ...

The client has been in business for last 20 years and has a US based marketing agency run Google ADS.

Their AD spend is over 130K a year, with no ....

  • Not seen in Local nor national searches in Google organic listings
  • Not Visible in the 3 Pack in Google for their local areas
  • They were not seen in the Google Maps in local area.

This client started with us in mid Feb 2022

After We Took Over Their Business...

Within 30 days we got this client in:

2 weeks in early April 2022 the business has ...

  • Visibility for multiple long tail keywords for SUBURB + KEYWORD


As of 22nd of April 2022 the firm's website is coming up in Google for main keywords

What is the advantage to the client moving forward...

  1. They now have visibility they control and own in Google Page 1
  2. Their traffic will start to increase, in turn their sales will increase
  3. They can now consider reducing their advertising budget while still making more profits

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Seen Google 3 Pack

for "KEYWORD"+ "SUBURB" (Multiple variations)

Get seen in Google My Business profile.

Seen Google 3 Pack

for main "KEYWORD" >> powerful

Call a Local professional in SEO to do your SEO for your business in Brisbane

Seen in Google Maps

for "KEYWORD"+ "SUBURB" (Multiple variations)

Rank your conveynacing website on Google Maps

e-Com Niche

Custom T Shirt Printing Online

Create on topic web pages that have optimised content

This is a website I run ...

I started this business during the start of the Pandemic in March 2020 while in lock down.

The business has been gaining visibility over the last 24 months but

  • I had to run Facebook ADS and Google ADS to gain more clients. This was expense each month I could do without
  • The website was not on Page 1 on Google

When I lost my Facebook account to hackers in December 2021 my sales dried up as I no longer could create FB ADS to get more business.

So what did I do?


Content Is King!

You have heard this saying before.

  • Unless we have relevant content seen all over Google we will lack visibility.
  • Google supports websites that have fresh good daily or weekly content

Using this strategy I have been able to ...

  • Rank organically for many money keywords
  • The site traffic has started to rise above that of what I was getting from my Paid ADS, and
  • I have now stopped paying for ADS.

Would you like me to help you

  • Get more Visibility and Traffic on Google,
  • While reducing your AD spend each month?

If this is of value to you, lets have a 15 minute ZOOM call and see if I can help you too.

~ Claude

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Seen Google 3 Pack

# 2 in Organic Listings for Root Keyword

Optimise ALT tags for organic search
Rankings for a T shirt Company on Google
How To Rank e-Comm sites on Google

We Are Proud Of The Work We Do

We understand the HVAC and Trade (Roofing, Plumbing & Gas, Carpenters and Builders, Painters, Tilers & Electrical) businesses in Brisbane.

Each one of our clients have seen results within the first 30 days. We have helped rank businesses for not only the long tail keywords in 90 to 120 days (such as: Keyword + suburb) but client have dominated Page 1 results in Google for the main KEYWORD itself. Check the result for Beyond Property above.

Finding a local website and SEO agency in Brisbane that understands how your business works from ground up is crucial to not only getting the best converting website you want,

but more importantly that website needs to get noticed on Google.

So How Do We Help You Get Noticed?

The only way is being on page 1 on the two main search engines - Google & Bing.

This is what we do exceptional well. Check our results. They speak volumes.

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Creating a Better Visitor Experience | Faster Conventing Clients

Cloud SEO Marketing focuses on the trade industry. We know what your clients want as we only work with air-conditioning, electrical, roofing, plumbing and gas and building industries. This knowledge helps our clients (you) get quality visitors to your website each and every month.

We will help you grow a minim of 10% each month in quality leads that call your business each month.

HVAC and Electrical Contractors

Off-Page SEO

We help you get noticed on the internet by connecting your websites with 7 and 8 figure traffic websites so you rank in Google on Page 1.

Roofing Websites

Local SEO

Take advantage of Google's Maps and 3 Pack listings. We optimize your Google My Business profile to dominate local searches.

Air-conditioning Business websites

Digital Marketing

We get your site published in well known news sites such as NBC, USAToday, Google News, etc. This will help you get in the Top 3 in Google.